Kamis, 18 April 2013

Social Security, Medicare & Government pensions

Nolo, the publisher who is passionate about making accessible to all the law has posted one of the best guides to social security retirement and medical benefits for the layman. Like other books by freight, “Social Security, Medicare & Government pensions: get the most out of your retirement & medical benefits” by Joseph l. Matthews with Dorothy Matthews Berman is written by a lawyer, but in language anyone can understand. Is an excellent book to help understand social security benefits include retirement, disability, survivor’s benefits and employees as well as Supplemental Security Income; the basics of Medicare and Medicaid programs and how to compare medigap insurance plans; health coverage options like HMOS and other plans; Government pensions and veterans benefits and only advice for anyone thinking about retirement.

The book of nearly 500 pages is divided into sixteen chapters and an index. Each of the chapters contain easy to understand advice on the topic of the chapter, with sidebars, tables, notes, and lists additional resources. The Organization of the book allows you to quickly find the most relevant to your situation or needs. Once again, the book does an excellent job of providing basic information regarding the topics in an easy-to-understand. The chapters or topics include: social security the basics; Social Security retirement benefits; SS disability; SS employees benefits; SS survivors benefits; When you apply for social security benefits and that one of attestation; Supplemental Security Income; Application for benefits; Appeal from a decision relating to social security; Retirement benefits the federal civil service; Veterans ‘ benefits; Medicare; Medicare enrollment procedures: complaints and appeals; Medigap Insurance; Medicare Part c: Medicare Advantage plans; and Medicaid and Medicare supplements.

The book someone will give a good understanding of these programs and how to navigate them. However, the difficulty comes with the continuing evolution of these programs and how they are administered. Yes, freight update the books and I am reviewing the 15th Edition, but things change fast yet at times. I see this book as helping people understand what is what they work with government officials and administrators of the system, or sometimes, they work with a lawyer to assist them with some questions concerning benefits.

The other problem I see is that none of us knows what’s going to happen with these government programs. Some suggest that they disappear, others are not so gloomy. There is a good chance that things will change. But for now, browsing these waters, Matthews has put together a very good book to help you stay out of the rocks and keep afloat. I recommend it to anyone who needs information on these programs.

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